Pipeline Editor

Pipeline Editor is a web app that allows the users to build and run Machine Learning pipelines using drag and drop without having to set up development environment.


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Cloud Pipelines - Build machine learning pipelines without writing code


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App features

  • Build pipelines using drag and drop
  • Execute pipelines in the cloud
  • Start building right away
    • No registration required
    • You own your data
  • Components
    • Time-proven component format
    • A library of preloaded components
    • Fast-growing public component ecosystem
    • Add your own components (public or private)
    • Easy to create your own components
    • Components can be written in any language (Python, Shell, R, Java, C#, etc).
    • Compatible with Kubeflow Pipelines components (component.yaml files)
    • Find components on GitHub: Ark-kun/pipeline_components, kubeflow/pipelines/components and hundreds more.
  • Pipelines
    • Create, save, import and export
    • Submit for execution with a single click

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